Latin Soul

Sunday 4:00PM - 9:00PM
  • Hosted by Gyla Gonzalez, Masani

Latin Soul radio program is filled with the culture and music from Latin America.  In the musical excursion, Latin Soul-Alma Latina, the show first features sounds from Latin America with Afro Cuban roots. The journey then takes you through more modern sounds, and culminates with the most amazing of the jewels from Latin American music: El Bolero, a beloved musical genre that continues to be an intrinsic part of Latin American Music. 

Bilingual Latin Soul-Alma Latina is produced/hosted by Gyla González, a native of Managua Nicaragua and former producer of the 15-year running La Voz Hispana, as well as Sounds of Pangea and Latin Beat

Latin Soul: The Latin Jazz Edition, the second half of the program, is produced/hosted by Masani, former producer/host of the long running program, The Jazz Spot and the founder and Artistic Director of Itutu, Inc., a small non-profit jazz preservation organization.

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