About Us

Dear KPVU Listeners,
From its earliest days more than 35 years ago, KPVU has always reflected the voices, concerns and aspirations of Prairie View A&M University and our many listeners throughout the greater Prairie View/Houston area.  Over the years the station has steadfastly committed itself to building a strong sense of community and helping our communities connect to the world.
At KPVU we believe that the world still needs “great radio”.  And that radio can be a “town square” for a communitya centerpiece of music, culture and social happenings.  We at KPVU assert that it is still possible to inspire positive change in our community by presenting a unique blend of music and public affairs programming that raise the social consciousness and engagement of our audience.  We champion our music - from the sacred to the secular – the arts, culture, our neighborhoods and our community organizations.  We celebrate diversity and encourage community engagement, while promoting a positive global identity for Prairie View A&M University and KPVU. 
As we look to the future, our ambition as the “NEW KPVU” is to EXPAND our strong and developing service to the Greater Houston communities.  We look to enlarge our capacity to tell the stories of our communities , express the aspirations of our listeners, and perhaps above all, nourish the knowledge and understanding of jazz and heritage music - ultimately inspiring the inhabitants of our vast service area.
The programs and services that the NEW KPVU will originate in the future will be defined by the people who believe in the mission and vision for this station.  In the coming days and months you will hear more about KPVU’s “CAMPAIGN FOR GROWTH”.  Our growth campaign will establish several new membership and donor programs to assist the station in meeting its financial goals in support of those future programs and services. You’ll also hear us talk about how you, our loyal members and listeners, can play a vital role in securing the future for YOUR public radio station.
It’s an exciting time here at KPVU!  And, on behalf of Prairie View A&M University and our entire community of listeners, we thank you for your long-standing support and we look forward to talking with you more during KPVU’s “Campaign for Growth” and throughout the coming year.
Warmest regards,
John Hughes
General Manager